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Hello there, and Welcome to NK Global Indonesia Website.

NK Global Indonesia is a part of global solutions provider network that provides various types of solutions to protect a building. Our solutions are kept growing along the time to coup with our market demand on a quality solution. In Indonesia, we've actively taken part mostly in waterproofing solution business for four years and until today we supply:

  • Waterproofing products,
  • Silicone sealant,
  • Building diagnosis and investigation services.

We understand that the best kind of supplier is one who treats customers like partners. That's why we consider good advice and service to be an important part of our business above the quality of products we produce and deliver.

Our partnership may start with this website. To get you to the solution information as quickly as possible, you just need to click the “Business” button and you will go inside our product & services information.

If you have a specific query about that product or services, or would like to make a preliminary order, please go to page "Contact Us", fill in the form and press "Submit" button or send an email directly to us.